BCI2000 v2.1 Release Build

Friday, April 2, 2010
BCI2000 version 2 now contains many bug fixes and improvements over the initial 2.0 release. Also, a number of features from the upcoming Version 3 have been back-ported into the Version 2 source. Thus, it appeared appropriate to release an intermediate version 2.1.

This is an announcement of the April 2010 Version 2.1 Release Build of BCI2000.

For the changes between the February build, and the Version 2.1 release, please see the following overview:

New features in this version:

  • Operator module now allows for saving of matrices in parameter format, and allows to specify empty matrices in the GUI.

Bug fixes in this version:

  • Fixed usability issues in BCI2000Viewer (arrow keys should now work as expected).
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to enabled start button even when an initialization error occurred.
  • INSERT STATE operator script command is now consistent with documentation: name, bit width, and initial value are sufficient to specify a state.
  • Pre-run duration in StimulusPresentation and P3Speller applications was one block longer than defined by the user.
  • Floating point exceptions are now masked in all modules. This should result in more stable behavior during recording.
  • P3Speller no longer crashes when text-to-speech output is configured for matrix elements.
  • buildmex Matlab script now works on Win64 systems.
  • OfflineAnalysis now runs on Win64 systems.
  • MEM mex file usage info now contains correct input signal dimensions.

Changes to contributed code:

  • Fixed a potential problem with the DASSource when initializing an unknown board.
  • Fixed a reinitialization bug in the Biosemi source module. Now, pressing SetConfig more than once works (G Schalk).
  • Amp Server Pro now works with GM version 1 release (R Bell).
  • Fixed anti-aliasing filter and high pass configuration in vAmp source module (A Wilson).
  • Tucker-Davis source module now uses threading (A Wilson).

Monthly builds, together with an overview of changes between builds, are listed on the BCI2000 wiki at http://www.bci2000.org/wiki/index.php/BCI2000_Binaries#Version_History.

We suggest that you always use the latest BCI2000 build to profit from continuous bug fixes and feature additions.

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