BCI2000 v2.0 February 2009 Build

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


  • Improvements to gUSBamp source module (A Wilson).
  • Operator Module: Improved timing behavior when clicking window titles (J Mellinger).
  • CursorTask: TargetCode and ResultCode states are now 8 bits wide, allowing for a maximum of 255 targets (G Schalk).
  • Asynchronous events recorded into bcievent are now available for online processing (J Mellinger).

Updates to contributed code

  • RDAClient and Biosemi2 source modules now compile under cygwin gcc 3 in mingw mode (J Hill).
  • DateGlove5DTUFilter now also supports the 5DT Data Glove 14 Ultra (P Brunner).

Bug fixes

  • The Normalizer filter would ignore BufferCondition entries under certain circumstances (J Mellinger).
  • load_bcidat mex file performed conversion of nested matrices into Matlab structs incorrectly (J Mellinger).
  • Recording of cursor position by CursorTask into state variables did not match specification (J Mellinger).
  • StimulusPresentationTask did not handle empty image and sound file entries correctly (J Mellinger).

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