NCAN Internship Opportunities




The National Center for Adaptive Neurotechnologies (NCAN) conducts an internship program for graduate, undergraduate, and high-school students (typically, 3-10 interns, depending on the time of year). Interns are paired with an NCAN scientist, engineer, or clinician who serves as the intern's mentor.


Internships can be on-site (if health restrictions permit) or remote. Interns meet with their mentors on a regular basis (virtually or on-site, if allowed).


Short-Term Interns:

  • Short-term interns (e.g., summer interns) typically view selected NCAN-produced videos and discuss them in sessions led by NCAN staff; participate in classifying articles for our comprehensive database of BCI articles; collect data from subjects (if on-site); and perform data analysis.


Long-Term Interns:

  • Long-term interns (e.g., during the academic year) typically receive credit from their educational institution for their contributions to research projects that involve: data collection (if on-site); data analysis; and presentation/publication preparation.


How To Apply


Please contact NCAN at for more information. To apply for an internship, click here (please note that you will need to log in with a Gmail account)

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