The following videos show several examples of NCAN staff presenting work through the media.

American Museum of Natural History "Listening to the Brain"
November 23, 2010
This American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan had a large exhibit entitled "Brain - The Inside Story". It included a video prominently featuring our ECoG-based studies.
CNN Edge of Discovery - Brain Readers
August 1, 2009
This episode of CNN's Edge of Discovery showcases brain-computer interface research at Wadsworth, and highlights members of our team.
CBS 60 Minutes
November 2, 2008
This feature of CBS 60 Minutes describes Wadsworth BCI, and its promise for restoring communication to people who are completely paralyzed, such as people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Scott Pelley wears an EEG cap and spells words with his brain signals using the Wadsworth home BCI system.
  BCI2000 on Today Show with Katie Couric
December 1, 2005
This clip is from the Today Show on NBC with Katie Couric. In this show, she uses scalp-recorded EEG to write the word “peace” with the Wadsworth P300-based BCI system.

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