Horizontal organization of orientation-sensitive cells in primate visual cortex.

TitleHorizontal organization of orientation-sensitive cells in primate visual cortex.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsBaxter, B, Dow, BM
JournalBiol Cybern
Date Published07/1989
KeywordsAnimals, Electron Transport Complex IV, Form Perception, Models, Neurological, Pattern Recognition, Visual, Visual Cortex

In the visual cortex of the monkey the horizontal organization of the preferred orientations of orientation-selective cells follows two opposing rules: (1) neighbors tend to have similar orientation preferences, and (2) many different orientations are observed in a local region. We have described a classification for orientation maps based on the types of topological singularities and the spacing of these singularities relative to the cytochrome oxidase blobs. Using the orientation drift rate as a measure we have compared simulated orientation maps to published records of horizontal electrode recordings.

Alternate JournalBiol Cybern
PubMed ID2548628

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