Alessandro Vato, Ph.D.

TR&D 2 Leader

National Center for Adaptive Neurotechnologies
Albany Stratton VA Medical Center
113 Holland Ave, Albany, NY 12208

I am an electronic/biomedical engineer and neuroscientist. My research is focused on exploring and characterizing the interaction between neural circuits at different organizational levels. I have gained extensive expertise in developing new hardware and software tools that allow the efficient investigation of closed-loop neuromodulation. Specifically, I have designed and implemented several complex experimental paradigms, along with computational algorithms that realize a neuromodulatory effect: (1) I have explored the mechanisms underlying neural plasticity by delivering patterns of electrical stimulation to randomly cultured neural networks coupled to planar microelectrode arrays; (2) I have used cortical micro-stimulation to create an artificial sensory channel for a new family of closed-loop bidirectional brain-machine interfaces; and, (3) I have used multi-electrode arrays chronically implanted in rat sensory and motor cortices for chronic long-term neuromodulation. My research at NCAN is focused on investigating the effect of electrical cortical stimulation on different regions of the CNS to provide new insight on the mechanisms and processes underlying the fundamental brain functions.







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