Yu Wang, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Biggs Laboratory
Wadsworth Center
New York State Dept. Health


I have a broad background in laboratory experimental neuroscience research, with specific training and expertise in neuroanatomy, neuropathology, neuropharmacology, and immunohistochemistry. Using methods such as 3-D quantification of injury or lesion size, retrograde labeling and identification of spinal cord specific motoneurons and interneurons, quantification of immunolabeling of protein markers (e.g. vesicular transporter, receptors, protein kinase, ion channels), I focus my research interest on pre- and post-synaptic morphological changes in the brain and spinal cord associated with reflex conditioning and with other interventions (e.g., spinal cord injury, peripheral nerve injury and repair, cortical stimulation). I am particularly focused on integrating morphological results with functional changes to reveal underlying mechanisms.

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