Amir Eftekhar, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

David Axelrod Institute
Wadsworth Center
New York State Dept. Health


I am a biomedical hardware and software engineer with expertise in delivering and managing translational research projects. In academic and industry settings I have designed, implemented and verified hardware and software systems that acquire and process electrophysiological signals. These include: (1) designing electrodes that interface with the central and peripheral nervous system; (2) developing front-end electronics to interface with these electrodes; (3) implementing signal processing methods for extracting and quantifying these signals; and (4) scientifically and clinically verifying the function of the hardware and software systems. At NCAN, I develop the systems that run the spinal reflex human operant conditioning protocol and lead human studies for TR&D1. I am responsible for designing, managing, an disseminating the software and hardware setup and tools to the clinical and academic research community, and I lead clinically oriented service projects. I work with Health Research, Inc.’s technology transfer team, and the NIH-supported Center for Translation of Rehabilitation Engineering Advances (TREAT) to define and execute our clinical translation strategy.

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