Dr. Leuthardt and his WashU team received NSF Engines Development Award

Thursday, May 11, 2023
NEURO360 – Advancing neuroscience technologies to improve cognitive wellness (MO, IL)

Purpose and Vision

NEURO360, led by Washington University in St. Louis (a top ranked research university), and BioSTL (a coalition driving the regional innovation economy), brings together over 20 partners from academia, industry, community organizers, and venture capitalists to align priorities and design pathways toward achieving our vision in use-inspired research, workforce development, translation, and partnership functions of an engine rooted in neuroscience. Through analysis and planning, but more so through innovative piloting and iterating on developing interventions, NEURO360 will identify the next steps necessary to mature St. Louis’ developing neuroscience ecosystem into a nascent Engine, primed for national emergence and regional growth.

NEURO360’s vision is to stimulate a thriving, inclusive, sustainable neuroscience ecosystem in the St. Louis region that will improve wellness in underserved communities, address neurobiological health disparities, and inspire accountable, innovative, human-centered practices and technologies of the future. The aspiring Engine would capitalize on St. Louis’s nationally recognized research in neuroscience and neurotechnology, a new academic neuroscience research building that will be the largest in the country opening in 2023, and recent momentum by academic, corporate, philanthropic, civic, and community leaders to strategically improve the economy through innovation and entrepreneurship.

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