NCAN is the only facility currently exploring adaptive neurotechnology with patient-based clinical research.

Through extensive research, the scientists and engineers at NCAN have been innovating and testing adaptive methods and systems that interact with the CNS in real time to execute three important projects: guiding beneficial CNS plasticity; restoring lost neuromuscular functions; and characterizing and localizing brain processes both spatially and temporally. Each of these three projects involves clinical, scientific, and technical activities. You can learn more about each of them by clicking on them.

NCAN Research Project 1 – Guiding Beneficial Plasticity;

NCAN Research Project 2 – Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) - Based Rehabilitation;

NCAN Research Project 3 – Characterizing and Interacting with Cortical Processes;

These three Research Projects involve a myriad of different approaches that can be grouped into five Research Areas based on how they use adaptive neurotechnologies to help people. You can learn more about these five Research Areas by clicking here.

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