The three TR&D projects and the training and dissemination activities of the Center for Adaptive Neurotechnologies share common core technologies that have been developed over many years. The Center actively maintains a mature software platform for real-time biosignal acquisition, analysis, and feedback. This platform, called BCI2000, originated at Wadsworth and has become standard technology for brain-computer interfacing and related neurotechnological research and development worldwide. The Center provides it free of charge to research and clinical groups throughout the world. More than 1,200 groups have acquired it to date. BCI2000 promotes reproducibility, easily allowing protocols to be replicated at multiple sites. It also provides a high degree of technical and functional scalability that supports single studies as well as multi-site research programs and clinical applications. Because BCI2000 is a platform technology that allows rapid modular extension, these benefits apply both to the fully tested suite of its existing applications, and to the new applications that Wadsworth investigators, their partners, and other BCI2000 users continue to develop and to add to its capabilities. The three TR&Ds all use the BCI2000 software platform. The TR&D projects have generated and are supported by extensive arrays of novel laboratory and clinical protocols, surgical techniques, implant designs, and other procedures and devices that interface with the BCI2000 platform.

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