Housing Information

Participation housing will be in University Heights. Participants will be notified of their Suitemates by NCAN Administration, not UH directly. Please visit the FAQ page on the UH website to familiarize yourself with the items you will need to bring. We will have a welcome package for each suite consisting of: (2) shower curtains; toilet paper; dish towels and detergent; spray cleaner and paper towels; garbage bags and disposable plates, cups, flatware and food wrappings. All other items you may need must be brought in.

Move-in day can begin as early as Saturday, July 9th. (Security will have room keys)
Move-out day will be Saturday, July 30th.

Dress Code

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up, please be sure to wear proper clothing attire in laboratory areas only. As a reminder, here are a few DO’s and DON’Ts to keep in mind:

  • DO wear closed-toed shoes, such as sneakers, that fully cover the feet.
  • DON’T wear sandals, open-toed shoes or any type of footwear that does not cover the entire foot.
  • DO wear long pants, skirts or dresses that cover the legs down to the ankles.
  • DON’T wear shorts, short skirts, or short dresses.
  • DO wear a lab coat when working at a bench, in a chemical fume hood or biological safety cabinet, or anytime hazardous materials are handled.
  • DON’T wear tank tops

Casual attire (jeans, sandals, short-sleeves, etc.) is allowed at the venue for lectures. Temperatures vary- bring a sweater!

Meal Allowance

Each student will receive a $750 meal allowance in the form of three $250 checks to be issued on each Monday of the course. In an effort to make lunch time easy, we will have signs-up for on-site lunch. Students can enjoy a delivered lunch while mingling with faculty and other students at the meeting venue. Prices and selections will vary depending on vendor. Participation is optional. See the Social Events page for more information on on-site lunches. There will also be days where students can walk to nearby establishments or take a break in their Suite and prepare their own lunch.

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