Five Research & Development Areas

NCAN is the only facility currently exploring adaptive neurotechnology with patient-based clinical research.

Through extensive research, the scientists and engineers at NCAN have been innovating and testing adaptive methods and systems that interact with the CNS in real time to execute three important projects: guiding beneficial CNS plasticity; restoring lost neuromuscular functions; and characterizing and localizing brain processes both spatially and temporally. These three technical research and development projects are detailed above. Our work on these three projects are examples of the five principal research areas within adaptive neurotechnologies. These five main research areas are:

Research Area 1 – Replacing lost capabilities, such as spelling;

Research Area 2 – Restoring lost functions, such as grasping;

Research Area 3 – Improving functions, such as upper limb movement;

Research Area 4 – Enhancing natural functions, such as with error detection;

Research Area 5 – Supplementing natural function, such as a future “third hand.”

You can learn more about each of these five research areas by clicking on them. We will soon have additional material available from an upcoming book chapter, which is currently in press. NCAN works with the medical and advocacy communities to put our research to work to help patients reach their fullest potential through the use of adaptive neurotechnology, and ultimately change how patients are treated.

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