Propose a Project

Scientists, engineers, or clinicians interested in establishing a collaborative or service project with the Center for Adaptive Neurotechnologies should fill out this proposal form. Center staff will evaluate the information and gather additional information as needed. They will determine in concert with the proposer whether a significant and successful project is feasible; and, if so, whether it should be a collaborative or service project. They will then move on to define the aims, activities, interaction protocol, and schedule of the project.

Name of principal investigator
Enter name of the requestor here, if different from principal investigator
Staff Collaboration
Project Information
Please describe the goals/aims of the project
Please describe the significance of the project
Please describe the innovation of your project
Please list any relevant publications or pre-publications
Explain how the Center can make an essential, unique and important contribution to this project.
If this is an ongoing CAN project, please give a brief summary of the progress during the past year and a list of any papers published or abstracts present at meetings
External Funding
Does external funding for the project exist? If yes, provide the following information below for each external source.
Please enter any additional external funding in this field: Funding Agencies, Grant Titles, Grant Abstracts, Grant Numbers and Grant Dates

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