This section presents answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about BCIs.

By recording brain signals from the scalp and then decoding them, BCI technology can provide communication and control functions to people who have lost muscle control. You can also learn more by clicking on our Publications page, Summaries of the five R&D Areas page, and other areas.


Why are BCIs important?

How does a BCI work?

Are all BCIs the same?

Is Wadsworth’s portable BCI system available for in-home use?

Who is eligible to participate in these BCI studies?

How many people have been provided with the Wadsworth BCI system?

What are the training and technical requirements for in-home use?

How much does the system cost?

Can anyone purchase a system and be trained?

What is needed for the Wadsworth BCI system to become widely available?

What other resources are available for disabled individuals who may not have access to BCI technology at this time?