Gerwin Schalk, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

My main professional interest is technical innovation at the intersection of neuroscience, engineering, and clinical domains. My primary research interests are the development and application of novel techniques to study brain function using signals recorded from the surface of the brain (electrocorticography (ECoG)), and the application of the resulting understanding to important clinical problems. Thus, our laboratory works in the fields of neuroscience and neuroengineering.

Our neuroscience research investigates the neural basis of motor, language, and cognitive function by applying computational techniques to recordings from the surface of the brain (electrocorticography (ECoG)) in humans. For example, we study how local field potentials in different cortical areas prepare for and execute hand or finger movements. Our neuroengineering research is taking advantage of the resulting neuroscientific understanding and aims to address particular clinical problems. This work includes statistical signal processing, machine learning, and real-time system design and implementation. For example, we have been developing a new real-time imaging technique for invasive brain surgery.

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